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Why do triple jump drills?


Drills are an extremely useful and productive tool in triple jump training as they are for any jump, throw, or hurdle event. Many triple jump drills are similar to long jump or sprinting drills. A triple jump drill is important and valuable for what you can teach while the athlete is learning and performing that drill. A triple jump drill by itself is not special when not connected to a training progression.

Horizontal jump drills include:

  • acceleration run
  • half approaches
  • board-less approaches
  • runway rehearsal with and without a take off
  • repetitive takeoffs
  • short run takeoffs/jumps
  • remedial horizontal and vertical bounds
  • intermediate horizontal and vertical bounds
  • advanced short run jumps
  • short run jumps



3/27/2007 6:01:36 AM
Jeremy Jonhson said:

what if you put crate like things at the end of the runway and jump off of it and then with that exercise you could work on your form through the air and the landing as well...


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