Spice It Up

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What can I do to make running more exciting?

Spice It Up

  • Do you ever get bored with plain old running, for miles on end?
  • Do you enjoy running but want to be faster or get in better cardiovascular shape?

Do a few track and field workouts each week, and the difference you'll notice in your muscle tone, strength, stamina, and even metabolism will amaze you. Throw in three track and field workouts per week like these, and you'd be ready to race a 5K in one month.
  1. 5 x 60 seconds with 60-90 seconds of walking or jogging in between each
  2. 6-8 times up a hill 200+ meters
  3. ladder: 200, 300, 400, 500, 350, 250, 150 increasing speed, decreasing rest.



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