Can You Do It?

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Do you want to coach?

Can You Do It?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a track and field coach? If you are as flexible as you are dedicated and strong-minded, then coaching track and field could be a great job for you. Coaching track and field at the college or division I level can be a full time job, or could be just afternoon and weekend hours for high school track and field.

You'd be kidding yourself if you thought that was all the time it took, however. When you see the kids and the athletes looking to you for advice, encouragement, and critique, you'll know that coaching track and field becomes a part of you, it grabs your heart and soul, it is not just a job.



1/29/2008 8:12:18 PM
amanda said:

i am a high school track athlete and i have to say that my coach is somone i look up to all the time. she is incredably smart in track and field and also in life. she was diagnosed with brest cancer and the whole team is in tears. however, are amazing coach acts very positive and is looking forward in getting our fourth district title for our high school. i also want to thank all the coaches that help athletes with their lifes and with track and field. we need alot more people involved like you.. thanks:)

11/25/2011 9:24:41 PM
yr 8 ki d said:

this helped on my assignment! Thanks!


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