Where Does the Speed Come From?

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Which shot put style is best?

Where Does the Speed Come From?

Some shot putters use the glide shot put technique and others use the rotational style. Is one better than the other? No. Currently, in professional and top level world competitions, the rotational and glide shot put techniques are being used with equal success.

The glide shot put is the more basic shot put technique and generally easier for beginning shot putters to learn, but can be as powerful as the rotational style, a throw more similar to the discus. Athletes may take longer to develop consistency with the rotational shot put technique. With consistent shot put coaching though, you can master any technique.



5/18/2007 3:43:29 AM
stefanie said:

i think th comment had to be a shot put is a rally great sport. the power came from your arms, elvow and throwing fingers. as i study from PDHPE


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