Never Enough of a Good Thing

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Is stretching important?

Never Enough of a Good Thing

Stretching. It's something that every runner must do. One of the many running tips that runners ignore is stretching after warming up. Most runners choose to stretch before they go out for a run, which is incorrect.

Stretching before warming up your muscles causes them to strain and tear, which does the opposite of what stretching intends, and can lead to injury. Runners should warm up their muscles by running for 10 to 15 minutes before stretching there muscles prior to a run.



6/13/2007 8:43:06 PM
steph said:

im 13 and i totaly agree w/ tis because our track team dose the same ting thank you so much for this site not onley hav eyou given me running tips but also high jump tips so i fanaley figured out waht i was dong wrong and y i was not as good as last year (i was messing up on my last 3 stephs because i did not have my arms right!) thank u


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