Take Off Your Shoes

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Is barefoot running a good idea?

Take Off Your Shoes

Barefoot running - worth it, or a waste of time? Definitely worth it! Incorporate barefoot running or strides into your track and field workout plan once a week and you'll spend years with fewer injuries. Track shoes today are very structured to support your feet, which is great. They also take away the need for all of the small muscles in your feet and ankles that ensure stability and pliability to develop.

Barefoot running exercises these small muscles by requiring them to move and adjust while a runners barefoot impacts the ground in a different, yet very natural way, than in shoes. Be careful not to over do barefoot running, you do need the cushion that track shoes afford.



1/4/2007 8:08:46 AM
Runner Girl said:

Excellent tip Loved it Wonderful
I never knew running barefoot would help with the prevention of injuries!!!!!
Great piece of advice!!!!!!!!!!!

3/18/2007 7:24:09 PM
#1 runner said:

Ithink you should give a better tip about how to run in competitions where you cant run bare foot.

3/27/2007 4:53:40 PM
SARA said:

Um i guess thats important because would if you live in texas and you have a marathon in GA what do you do then and you are already late??

3/27/2007 4:54:47 PM
SARA said:

o never mind you are talking about no haveing shoes on so yeah i never new that would help


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