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Is running a good sport to do in High School?

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Cross country running is a sport for everyone. Don't like football or soccer? Then fill your fall afternoons getting in shape and having some fun. Running cross country in high school builds confidence and friendships, while getting your body healthy and capable of feats you never thought possible.



8/1/2006 12:29:46 AM
Antonella said:

Ok Here Is How It Is Im In 8th Grade And Me And 2 Friends Are Gonna Run Cross-Country With The High School. My Coach Told Me I Have To Run 30 Miles A Week If I Wanna Be Ready By The Time We Start Practice. The Problem Is I Dont Have Any time To Run At All In The Morning They Dont Let Me And We Come Back Home Late At Night When Its Dark. So I Was Just Wondering If Running In Place Would Help Me And How Long I Should Run To Equal The Exercize With Running Outside. Please Answer ASAP Cuz I Only Have 1 Month Left To Run And I Really Need Details...Thanks!!!


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