Hand Holding Heaven

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How do I hold the pole vault pole?

Hand Holding Heaven

What is the best way to hold pole vault poles?

Answers: Grip the pole with hands about shoulder-width apart (measuring trick: grab the pole with your top hand, rest your forearm on the pole and grip with your bottom hand just below your elbow). Top hand with palm facing up, bottom hand with palm facing down and the top hand should be within the assigned grip range of your pole vault pole.

When you carry the pole, the top (rear) hand should be just behind the hip and the bottom (leading) hand, near the center of the chest at a right angle to the elbow. After the first few aggressive steps, the pole tip is relatively high, the pole tip should drop slightly with each step, the change in position controlled by top (rear) hand. The tip of the pole vault pole should be at forehead height just before the plant. Next, it's on to the next phase.



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