Who Is Winning?

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How do I really feel like I am "racing" against someone in an event where there is only one person competing at a time?

Who Is Winning?

Fast, furious, fierce and flying! Long jump training needs to prepare athletes to be all of these things when competing. Therefore, long jump training requires sprint workouts, flexibility and strength training, repetition after repetition, and a competitive atmosphere. Long jumping is not like racing head to head as it is in any event on the track or even in the high jump or pole vault when the bar can be seen being raised and jumpers missing or making each progressing height.

Competitive edge in the long jump must be achieved by the athlete mentally, an edge that can be gained through long jump drills in practice, but must be accompanied by a high level of competition at an important meet. Never underestimate the power of adrenaline and what it can “lift” you to do!



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I want schedule on long jump


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