The Hardest Race You'll Ever Run

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Do all hurdlers train the same way?

The Hardest Race You'll Ever Run

Hurdles training is different for the high hurdles than it is for the longer, intermediate-height hurdles. High hurdlers need to be quick, fast like sprinters, yet even more flexible. The longer the legs, the easier it will be for the athlete to take the appropriate number of steps, three, between each hurdle.

Intermediate hurdles need to be as flexible and technically coordinated as the sprint hurdlers, but need to train more like quarter milers, because that is what the end of the 300m hurdle race feels like, except you still have to lift your legs over the hurdles to finish. Both high and intermediate hurdles should do the same drills and can warm up together.



6/14/2008 3:37:12 PM
Josh Werling said:

This is a very accurate description of both the high and intermediate hurdles. Although, for the high hurdles, speed is not as necessary form. In the 300 intermediate hurdles speed is extremely necessary and form will help but not as needed. Someone could win the 300 Hurdles with enough speed and have terrible hurdle form. That person would not succed at all in the 100 or 110 High Hurdles because speed is not as important as form.


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