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Which athletes make good high jumpers?

Pick 'em Right

How do I recognize an athlete that could be a good high jumper? High jump coaching is a very technical job. The tallest or thinnest athletes may not be the best selection to compete in the high jump. Your most ᾦ#156;coach-able” athletes, those who well aware of their bodies and can respond to technique instruction, and athletes who are coordinated and have the best control over their limbs are the athletes you want to teach the high jump. High jumpers are runners first, technicians second, and jumpers third.



4/12/2015 5:47:18 PM
Dave Hazlett said:

You have at least two ways to go. Simple, look for great hops and see if you can created footwork to take advantage of it. Two, look for a lean kid with good footwork displayed elsewhere. Basketball and Tennis are two great sports for training feet. Maybe a natural talent is really an intuitive stepper. Speed always helps for this second solution. Then, you have to see if you have an intuitive learner or one that needs every detail.


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