Watch Where You are Going

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What should I look at when high jumping?

Watch Where You are Going

Your head and your eyes will dictate what your hips do. If you are looking down at your feet or your steps, you certainly won't jump up in the air. If you are looking at the bar when you jump, you will run right into it. A high jumpers gaze should shift over the course of the approach and then the jump. It should start at the near standard.

When the jumper begins the curve of the J-run, their sight line should move with their shoulders and hips toward the middle of the bar, and as they get closer to the bar and their hips and should are turning more perpendicular to the bar, they should be seeing the far standard.

At the point of takeoff, the gaze of the high jumper should be parallel to the bar, not looking at any of the high jump apparatus but at something that could be along the line of the bar about twenty feet away. After the take off the high jumper should lean their head slightly back and try to look at something on the opposite side of the pit from the middle of the bar.



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