Bottoms Up!

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How can I show my athletes the importance of using one's arms in the high jump?

Bottoms Up!

Sit on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you. Swing your arms, anyway you choose, one at a time, and try to lift your bottom off of the ground without touching the ground with your hands or bending your knees. Can't do it can you? Now, pull both arms behind your body, elbows bent at ninety degrees. Keeping them bent, swing your arms in front of your body and stop them abruptly when your triceps are parallel to the ground. Wow, now your seat is not longer on the ground is it? This simulates the double arm block at the takeoff point in the high jump. This is the one of the best and first high jump drill that beginning jumpers should learn and practice every day.



6/3/2007 11:36:49 PM
harry said:

this didnt help me jump

7/28/2011 5:57:35 PM
meg said:

i have SO much trouble with high jumps and try outs are today thanx

11/16/2011 4:51:56 PM
hannie said:

this is a great tip for my project

11/17/2011 4:31:06 AM
Mel said:

This is great']

12/6/2011 9:59:19 AM
J E Seeliger Pretoria RSA said:

Sounds perfectly logical to me. Should exercise the muscles required to promote the required vertical lift!


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