Running in Spikes

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When using spikes how should they be arranged? Should all holes be used, or should the arangement differ according to the runners needs? If so, please write with some examples. Thank you.

Running in Spikes

The arrangement of spikes on a track shoe's sole is based on long experience. While you can certainly experiment by using blanks in place of any – or all - spikes, there's no compelling reason to do so.

If you aren't happy with your performance in – or the feel of – a certain track spike, here are two things to consider:
1. Are you wearing the appropriate shoe? Spikes for sprinting differ from those intended for middle distance, long distance, various field events and cross country. Make sure that the shoe you've chosen is appropriate for your event.
2. Have you tried different brands/models? Many different models of spike are available from various manufacturers. The fit and feel of each model will be slightly different. Try on as many as you can to see which is best on your foot.



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