Improving Sprint Speed for High School Athletes

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I run the 200m for my high school track team. Currently, I am a JV sprinter and I have three years to get on varsity. I want to make it on varisty by my junior year (I'm a freshman.), but I need to improve my time by two seconds. I need to to get a 27;I currently have a 29. Do you have any suggestio

Improving Sprint Speed for High School Athletes

First and foremost, nothing can replace a good coach when developing a training plan. Your coach has the advantage of being able to make specific recommendations based on his/her observations. And don't add anything to your training schedule without your coach's knowledge and approval.

That being said, here are some ideas that may help make improvements in your sprint speed:
1. Develop overall fitness with circuit or weight training.
2. Spend time working on good sprinting form.
3. Add hill sprints to your workouts.

Some experts advocate “overspeed” training – sprinting down a slight (10% or less) incline. If you consider this option, be aware that running injuries are more likely when running downhill at speed.



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