Distance Between 110M High Hurdles

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What is the distance between hurdles for the guys 11o high hurdles in high school? Thanks

Distance Between 110M High Hurdles

The distance between hurdles in the 110M race is one of the oddities of American track & field. It's actually an adaptation based on the old Imperial measurements (inches, feet, yards, etc.).

The high hurdles race was originally run at 120 yards, with the hurdles spaced this way: 15 yards to the first hurdle, ten yards between each hurdle, and then another 15 yards to the finish line.

Adapting the race to metric measurements (with 110 meters being fairly close to 120 yards) resulted in today's regulation distances: 13.72 meters from the starting line to the first hurdle, 9.14 meters between each of the ten hurdles, and 14.02 meters from the last hurdle to the finish line.



7/3/2009 5:05:50 PM
courtney said:

hey i was wondering how far the 100 meter hurdles are apart.

2/4/2012 1:11:24 PM
Bashar said:

What is the distance in yards?


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