High Flying

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What is the best flight technique to use in the long jump?

High Flying

There are two schools of thought when it comes to the best long jump flight technique. To hitch or to hang? The hitchkick technique looks like the jumper is running in the air and employs circular arm and leg movements to create secondary axes.

The hang technique is when the jumper extends their arms while slightly arching the back. The goal of both flight long jump techniques is to slow the forward rotation of the body and thus cutting down the time in the air and the distance of the jump.



6/29/2009 12:09:27 PM
caitlyn said:

this was just what i needed to top of my winning long jump the techniques are perfect but if your an beginer (only jumping 3-4 metes) use the hitch technque because for the hang technque you need more air to finish


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