Look Ahead

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Where should a long jumper look when running the long jump approach and the jump?

Look Ahead

As in the high jump, where you look is where you'll go. Long jumpers need to have a visual focus during the approach, but it shouldn't be the board. The jumper should look at the board early in the approach, but should then shift their gaze to directly ahead of them at eye level after the first few steps.

This way, a sense of speed and board location will be established and the jumper will not get in the habit of looking down at the board before takeoff, which causes deceleration. At takeoff and during flight, the jumpers' eyes should be looking up at a forty five degree angle from horizontal. If you want to go up and out, that's where you need to look.



1/24/2007 4:18:30 PM
tami said:

this is a really great tip because doing long jump requires momentum and keepin you head up keeps the momentum flowing

2/27/2009 5:03:35 PM
Craig Smith said:

This as a verry good tip according to my coach at PVHS except i have never heard of the 45 degree angle thing thanks.

3/19/2009 3:58:05 AM
fatou jaw said:

how does yoyur speed hel with long jump

7/5/2009 8:57:13 AM
jimbob said:

we do the long jump in tullamore harriers. i think this page is good but it would be better if there was videos and pitchures aswell

8/13/2009 7:46:23 AM
gabriel said:

this is stupid, switching focus decreases maximuum velocity thus decreasing jump length


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