Track And Field Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to run?

Why do many runners have those tiny shoes with spikes on the bottom?

Why are all running shoes different?

Where did the discus event start?

What track and field athletes should weight lift?

Who should coach multi-event athletes?

What are a few important drills for discus throwers?

How can I be a successful high jumper?

How can I show my athletes the importance of using one's arms in the high jump?

What should I concentrate on when training for the high jump?

What is the most important part of the high jump?

What should I look at when high jumping?

What are some high jump drills that will help athletes work on all aspects of the jump?

Why do people high jump backwards?

What type of running training should high jumpers do?

What is a good way to organize high jump training?

Which athletes make good high jumpers?

Why should I try the hurdles?

What are the hurdle events?

Do all hurdlers train the same way?

What are some effective ways to teach hurdle technique?

How can I get ready for hurdle coaching?

How do I hold the javelin?

What are some effective javelin drills?

Why is there so much running in the javelin, a throwing event?

What is the power position for the javelin?

Why should I throw the javelin?

What are the phases of the long jump?

Where should a long jumper look when running the long jump approach and the jump?

How do long jumpers get so high in the air?

What is the best flight technique to use in the long jump?

How do I land in the pit?

Why do some athletes have checkmarks in their long jump approaches?

What is a good way to organize long jump training?

How do I really feel like I am "racing" against someone in an event where there is only one person competing at a time?

Is pole vaulting as hard as it looks?

Where do I begin learning the pole vault, what should I do first?

How do I hold the pole vault pole?

I am a long jumper, can I learn the pole vault?

What is the most important phase of the pole vault?

Are there places for girls in competetive pole vaulting?

What is race walking?

Are there certain techniques to be aware of while race walking?

When did race walking become a sport?

How is race walking officiated?

What types of relay races are there?

Why do they run relay races?

Are there relay races for kids?

How do you run a relay race?

Is there a certain way to run a relay race?

Why to they carry a baton in relay races?

Why do teams get disqualified in relay races?

Why would you want to run?

Do I need to compete to be a runner?

What is cross country running?

Is running a good sport to do in High School?

How is running a Marathon different from other types of running?

How should I train for a Marathon?

Why do people pool run?

Is barefoot running a good idea?

Why are there so many types of running shoes?

Is stretching important?

Why should I train to be a runner?

What benefit does race walking provide?

What is the shot put?

Which shot put style is best?

What muscles are the most important for a shot putter?

What are a few important drills for shot putters to do?

Do you want to coach?

What are the decathlon and heptathlon?

Could I be a track and field coach?

How do I get the athletes to trust me and the work that I give them?

How can I avoid injury?

Am I doing myself damage by training for an event that I don't know very well?

How can I take better care of myself?

What can I do to make running more exciting?

What is the point of warming up and cooling down?

How long should I warm up and cool down?

What are some workouts for sprinters?

What are some workouts for middle distance runners?

What are some workouts for pentathletes?

What and when should I weight lift?

What are some workouts for 300m hurdlers?

How could I get a scholarship to run college track and field?

What are some workouts for 100m/110m hurdlers?

What does it take to be a successful track and field athlete?

Which Track and Field event should I chose?

What does sprint training consist of?

Is there more to running that training on the roads and the track?

What is interval training?

Is there something different in training between distance and middle distance events?

What are speed and agility drills and what do they do for me?

Is the triple jump just like the long jump?

What leg do I triple jump off of?

What is the triple jump pattern?

What is the goal of the triple jump approach?

What are common triple jump mistakes made by jumpers?

What should I do with my arms and legs while in the air in the triple jump?

Why do triple jump drills?

Do you know the Scottish under-15 boys’ record for the 100m, 200m and the400m? Thanks.

What type of clothing is best for track and field?

Why should I care about leg strength for the shot put?

How can I get more power in my race walking?

How can I develop better focus for the high jump?

What should I bring to a track meet?

Should I wear brand new shoes or try a new energy bar on a competition day?

What should I wear for outdoor runs during the winter?

What is the best way to put ice on an injury?

What plyometrics drills are helpful for hurdlers?

What is the single best stretch for track and field athletes?

What type of clothes do pole vaulters wear, and what kind of material are they made of? Has the clothing changed since 1945?

Hi, my name is Ebonie. I ran track in 6th grade thru 12th grade. I'm now considering becoming a high school track coach, but I'm really rusty. I don’t remember the all different terms and distances of the sport. I was wondering if you had a link or knowledge of a more in-depth guide to becoming a t

How can I teach my six-year-old breathing techniques? I'd appreciate any other advice on cross country running, too.

How can I run faster without running out of breath so quickly?

What are your best tips for improving speed in the long jump?

What materials, equipment and clothing does a high jumper use in competition and training? How does this differ from the 1940’s and 1950's?

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